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About JJDA

The Japan Jewellery Designers Association (JJDA) was established in 1964.There were 19 founding members and will soon celebrate its 60th anniversary.

While changing the form of the association according to the needs of the times, we have contributed to the improvement of Japanese culture and the development of the jewellery industry through designs.

The times are changing dramatically, but while pursuing highly competent designs centered on our activities of "exhibition of works," "dissemination of information," "research and study," and "friendship and exchange,"deepening ties with society and developing the economy.
We would like to contribute to enrich the lives of people.

Japan Jewellery Designers Association

Ⅰ. Activities relevant to application, judgment, announcement of prizewinners, and awarding the winners of Japan Jewellery Competitions.

JJDA is always furthering the development of the biennial Japan Jewellery Competition that has been held since its establishment in 1964 to promote high standards of jewellery design. JJDA views jewellery as a form of art design, and of greater worth than its material value. Based on this concept, JJDA widely calls for entries for finished works as well as design drawings. JJDA’s final goal is to establish a firm position within the jewellery world and to cultivate human resources for the next generation by improving standards of Japanese jewellery design by awarding prize winners.The 2020 Japan Jewellery Competition was held as an "open call" for entries from overseas.

Ⅱ. Activities relevant to investigation study and human resource development regarding jewellery design.

Jewellery has the ability to enrich lives, and people have become aware that it is not merely an ornament, but a symbol of love, passion, unity and of a peaceful life. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to study the effect jewellery can have on peoples lives.
For beginners, JJDA organizes practical seminars on design and craft with an aim to raise interest in jewellery. For intermediate learners, JJDA holds lectures on the history and culture of jewellery by specialists, allowing them to deepen their knowledge and enabling them to start  a professional career.
With regard to the international issue of intellectual property rights, JJDA researches and studies the industrial property rights and copyrights within the jewellery design field. JJDA is always striving to help raise awareness of the importance of design.

Research and study

*JJDA researches and studies the role of jewellery design and conducts a census of jewellery designers.
*JJDA helps to improve jewellery design skills by introducing new techniques as well as encouraging traditional techniques.
* On request, JJDA members can be sent to schools or groups to give lectures and technical guidance, nationwide.

Seminars and lectures

*JJDA promotes jewellery design by holding seminars, lectures, and symposiums featuring experts from various fields.
*JJDA encourages jewellery design skills by holding seminars on new and traditional techniques throughout the nation.


*JJDA holds practical seminars for beginners and/or parent and child.
*JJDA researches and studies intellectual property rights such as design rights and copyright, and raises awareness of those by holding lectures and publishing booklets.

Ⅲ. Activities to enrich people's lives by offering information on jewellery design and holding exhibitions of high level jewellery design from home and abroad.

JJDA’s goal is to enrich people's lives by exhibiting cutting edge jewellery all over the country. JJDA collects information from overseas and is always trying to improve dispatching information to the world from JJDA in order to increase knowledge of Japanese jewellery design. JJDA is always striving to promote mutual understanding with foreign countries.
JJDA offers information regarding jewellery design to a wide range of people through our original journals and website.


*JJDA holds exhibitions that always offer new ideas within the jewellery design field, all over the nation.

Public relations and publishing

Publication of organization bulletin "JJDA" (annual), newsletter for all JJDA members (monthly) and Exhibition’s book

International Exchange

*JJDA promotes Japanese jewellery design to the world by holding exhibitions overseas and also participate in jewellery shows in various countries.
*JJDA introduces foreign jewellery design to a wide range of people by holding exhibitions and lectures of foreign jewellery designers in Japan.

History of the international exchange program

1964 Establishment of the JJDA
1970 “International Jewellery Art Exhibition” was held, featuring guest artists’ works from thirteen countries.
1974 Two Japan-Italy exchange exhibition programs, “Japan Jewellery Art” in Arezzo and “Italian Modern Jewellery Exhibition” in Tokyo were held.
1983 and 1986 “International Jewellery Art Competition” was held, marking our first competition with submissions from both Japan and overseas.
1983 “Japanese Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition” was held and toured five cities in Europe: Pforzheim, Hanau, Munich, Lausanne, and Vienna. This event continued until 1984.
1996 Participated in an international exchange exhibition “Contemporary Japanese Crafts and Jewelry Design” at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles.
1998 A travelling exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery was held, featuring guest Australian artists, in two cities: Tokyo, and Itami.
2000 A travelling exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery was held, featuring guest Austrian artists, in three cities: Tokyo, Itami, and Nagoya.
2002 A travelling exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery was held, in featuring guest Swedish artists, in three cities: Tokyo, Itami, and Nagoya.
2002 Participated in the “Jewellery Mission Round Table Conference” in Tokyo, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
2004 “Jewellery – the Next Value” exhibition was held in Tokyo, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the JJDA.
2004 and 2005 Participated in the “Orogemma” September exhibitions inVicenza, Italy. The 2005 exhibition was co-organized with JETRO.
2004 to 2008 Participated in the “September Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair”. From 2005 to 2007, our participation was co-organized with JETRO. The 2007 fair was designated as one of the official events of “Japan China Culture Sport 2007”, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.
2005 A travelling exhibition, “The 23rd Japan Jewellery Design Competition” was held in Sydney, marking our first overseas tour.
2005 to 2009 Participated in the “Hong Kong International Jewellery Show”.JJDA put up its promotive booth.
2008 A travelling exhibition “The Pioneers of Art Jewellery from America” was held, featuring works from guest American artists, in five cities: Tokyo, Itami, Sendai, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
2008 A commemorative exhibition and workshop “Jewellery – Expressions of a New Sensibility” was held at the Mikimoto hall in Tokyo, celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the JJDA.
2009 JJDA members’ exhibition was held at the Armony Art Center in Florida.
2010 Participated in the “Eclat de Mode” exhibition in January, in Paris, with support from JETRO.
2012 Transformed JJDA’s corporate form to “Public Interest Incorporated Association” certified by the prime minister of Japan.Participated in the “China (Dalian) International Garment&Textile Fair”.
2013 Established the “JJDA 50th Anniversary Celebrations Committee”
2015 Founding implementation 50th Anniversary

Regional projects

JJDA carries out regional projects including jewellery design promotion, exchange activities, and workshops.

Ⅳ. Others

For members:

*Workshops, excursions, and conferences.
*Information offered by journal and email magazine.
Co-operation and communication with related organizations:
*Communication and corroboration with government agencies and related organizations.
*Joint hosting, support, co-sponsorship, and co-operation with the events that are held by related organizations.


Established: June 1964
Incorporated: March 30, 1988
Transformed to Public Interest Incorporated Association: April 1, 2012
Current Membership: (as of July 1, 2021)
Regular members: 284
Associate members: 15 companies, 6 individuals
Honorable members: 7

(Officers for 2021-2022)

Vice Presidents
Executive Director
AOKI Atsuko
UCHIDA Yoshiko
UNNO Eriko
SUGA Mario
NAGAI Yutaka

MIKI Minoru
MUKAI Kazuyasu
IMURA Hiroshi
Honorable member
Meritorious person
FUJITA Hitoshi

Organizational Chart

Administrative office

Japan Jewellery Designers Association JJDA
Address: Arai Bldg.8F, 4-11-7 Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032,Japan
Phone: 81-3-3523-7344 / Fax: 81-3-3523-7346
E-mail : sec@jjda.or.jp

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