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「The 33rd JAPAN JEWELLERY COMPETITION 」List of those who passed the first screening

We are pleased to announce the results of the first screening.
We apologize for the delay in announcement due to practical problems.
Please check the email we will send you for more details for the second round.

※Important notice.
For various reasons, the selection process is being divided into two separate rounds.
A few successful candidates will then be selected additionally.
Please wait for an email from your contact person regarding the results of the selection process.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Koosolmanomai Vinit
Ute van der Plaats
Hintsanen Eero
Yael Kaduri
Yu Mengtong
YEH Yu-Zhi
Cavalan Pierre
Hofmeyer Michael
Um Youjin
SUN Yueyang
Astfalck Jivan
Yang Ziyi
Eyal Tami
Dmitrii Volkov
Mohylova Petra
Chong Bianca Sharon O
Cai Dawn
Gonzalez H. Leon Maria Barbara
Bontridder Thierry
Warchausky Nayibe
Viciana Grabulosa Aniol
Ramel Christine
Ardelean  Ioana
Consalvo Sances Roberta
Yin Caiyang
Ganan May
Mao ikki
Dmitrii Volkov
Hao Wei
Zhao Xiangzhi
Cheung Chu Winnie
Li MingXian
Wang Yu
Lin Keng-Hung
Chien-Chien Xing
Zehavi Yasmin

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