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Thank you for entering the 2022 Japan Jewellery Competition.
【Exhibition Information】
■Venue & Dates
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 1F, Exhibition Room 3(8-36 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo  tel 03-3823-6921)
June 8 (Wed.) - 13 (Mon.), 2022, 9:30 - 17:30 (admission until 17:00)
※June 13 (Mon.) admission until 13:00

The 1st online screening result notice(Overseas Division)

Number of applocants 41 people 16 countries / under26 division  1 people
(Number of works 122)

Japan Jewellery Competition 2022 Winners

Grand Prize TATIANA APRAEZ(Colombia)

Excellent Prize Xinia Guan(United States of America)

Excellent Prize MACHIURA Ayumu(under26)

under26 Division Prize KATAYAMA Chiiho(under26)

Overseas Division Prize Alena Willroth(Germany)

Invited Judge Award MISHIMA Itto

Invited Judge Award Youjin Um(Korea)

Japan Jewellery Association Award HOSHINO Manabu

Incentive Award ANDO Yasuhiro

Incentive Award ENDO Tonica(under26)

Incentive Award SAEKI Yoko

Incentive Award NAKAHARA Eiko

Incentive Award MIURA Hideaki

Incentive Award LU Yun Jiao

Entries 296 people   670 works
(General division:98 people/under26 division:69 people/JJDA member's division:88 people/Overseas division:41 people)

Selected works  241 people 576 works
(General division:76 people/under26 division:49 people/JJDA member's division:85 people/Overseas division:31 people)

Out of 241 applicants selected, 1 won the Grand Prize, 2 won the Excellent Prize, 1 won the under 26 Division Prize, 1 won the Overseas Division Prize, 2 won the Invited Judge Awards, and  One special award and six Incentive awards were given to a total of 14 winners.

Grand Prize TATIANA APRAEZ(Colombia)  Overseas Division 3 brooches
Excellent Prize Xinia Guan(United States of America)) Overseas Division 1 brooch
Excellent Prize MACHIURA Ayumu(Fukuoka) under26 Division 3 necklaces
under26 Division Prize KATAYAMA Chiiho(Osaka) under26 Division 1 necklace,1 pair of pierced earrings
Overseas Division Prize Alena Willroth(Germany) Overseas Division 1 necklace
Invited Judge Award MISHIMA Itto(Hyogo) JJDA member's Division 1 bracelet,2 brooches
Invited Judge Award Youjin Um(Korea) Overseas Division 3 brooches,2 pendants & brooches
Special Award HOSHINO Manabu(Tokyo) JJDA member's Division 2 rings
Incentive Award ANDO Yasuhiro(Akita) JJDA member's Division 1 necklace
Incentive Award ENDO Tonica(Kanagawa) under26 Division 1 brooch
Incentive Award SAEKI Yoko(Tokyo) JJDA member's Division 1 choker,2 brooches
Incentive Award NAKAHARA Eiko(Tokyo) JJDA member's Division 3 brooches
Incentive Award MIURA Hideaki(Yamagata) General Division 2 brooches
Incentive Award LU YUN JIAO General Division 1 brooch

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